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18th birthday junk (laptops, tattoos and cake, Oh My!)

so my 18th birthday is coming up, which is pretty dang exciting. Its this tuesday. For my birthday, I got a laptop (my parents gave it to me early because its partially a christmas present too). I also plan on getting a tattoo the day of my birthday. My parents are a little wary of me getting it, but ill be 18 and it is my body. Plus, im getting the tattoo on my hip, so its not like everyone and their mom is going to see it (my mom is freaked out because she thinks im just going to take off my pants all the time, which is funny because i cried at my first gyno appointment because i didnt want to take off my pants) im a little nervous for my tattoo though because its permanent, and what i like changes constantly, so what if i dont like it in a few years? but then on the other hand, ive wanted a tattoo for the longest time, and i foundn a tattoo that i really want to put on my body and i think it will fit where i want it to fit nicely. I just dont know if maybe im just rushing into it because its my 18th birthday and i want to do something cool, but i also dont know if im ever going to find the perfect tattoo for me because my personality is just so random that its pretty difficult to place an image that fits me perfectly. im just cofused. but i dont want to wait forever for my tattoo. I want to get it on my birthday and i want it to be the tattoo that i have selected. I just dont know if im going to like it in a few years or not..
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